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Gorilla Mind SmoothMORE FOCUS · NO JITTERS Outside of the United States? You can now purchase from the Gorilla Mode Store! Gorilla Mind Smooth to be the best "Non-Stimulant" productivity supplement for those sensitive to caffeine. The Gorilla Mind product began in late 2015 and took over 2 years ...Read more

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Gorilla Mind Smooth

Outside of the United States? You can now purchase from the Gorilla Mode Store!

Gorilla Mind Smooth to be the best "Non-Stimulant" productivity supplement for those sensitive to caffeine.

The Gorilla Mind product began in late 2015 and took over 2 years to formulate, manufacture, personally test and get advanced analytics screening - but it has been worth the wait. 

Gorilla Mind Smooth is focus without the jitters.

Gorilla Mind Smooth is concentration without anxiety.

Gorilla Mind Smooth is efficiency without the counter-productive crash.  

For those averse to caffeinated beverages, or stimulant-based products in general, Gorilla Mind Smooth will be perfect for you.

Gorilla Mind Smooth is our 'low-stimulant' version of Gorilla Mind, providing a smoother, less extreme level of energy, but still maximizing the intense level of focus and heightened mental clarity that Gorilla Mind is renowned for.

Providing 9 synergistic cognitive enhancers as well as a hardy dose of Theacrine, you can expect greatly enhanced concentration, memory, clarity, and performance in overall cognitive function.

The level of focus, concentration, and enhanced cognitive ability is identical to that of Gorilla Mind RUSH, it simply doesn’t have that intensity and extreme wakefulness that stimulants can provide.

For lack of a better word, Gorilla Mind Smooth has less of an “umph,” making it ideal for those who are over stimulated by stimulant-based products, or simply prefer not to have them.

What to Expect From Gorilla Mind Smooth


User experience will vary and is dose-dependent, but this is what you can expect if you take Gorilla Mind Smooth on an empty stomach (without additional caffeine) -

Within 15 minutes - You will notice that your ability to focus and concentrate is slightly higher than your baseline state.

Within 1 hour - You will notice that your ability to focus and concentrate is undoubtedly increased beyond your baseline state. Only a very slight increase in energy will be observed.

After 90 minutes - Your ability to be productive, concentrate, multitask without being distracted will peak and remain for an additional 4 or 5 hours. Anxiety levels WILL NOT be aggravated and you may notice a slight increase in well-being. Very minor appetite suppression may be noticed, but it will not be significant. 

After 6-8 hours - You will slowly return to your baseline cognitive state. Gorilla Mind Smooth will not compromise your sleep cycle (provided that you do not combine it with Gorilla Mind Rush, additional caffeine or stimulants). Gorilla Mind Smooth has ABSOLUTELY NO CRASH.

(For those who regularly consume coffee) 

Try 3 capsules of Gorilla Mind Smooth in the morning with iced coffee and - if needed - 4 hours later with iced coffee.

Gorilla Mind Rush vs. Gorilla Mind Smooth

Gorilla Mind Smooth is our non-stimulant formulation when you need increased concentration and productivity - but do not need an energy boost or all-day focus.


Gorilla Mind Rush is our super powerful, all-day focus, advanced stimulant formulation.

It is best to rotate Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth and not take either for multiple consecutive days.

Use as directed and do not combine with additional caffeine or other dietary supplements.

Further Insight on Gorilla Mind

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician prior to use. Start with 1 to 3 capsules and do not exceed the maximum dose (6) in any 24-hour period. 

WARNING For use by healthy adults only, not for persons under the age of 18. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Seek advice from a healthcare professional if you have any pre-existing medical condition to ensure it is safe to take this product. In case of accidental overdose contact a poison control center immediately. Avoid alcohol and prescription stimulants while taking this product. Exceeding recommended serving will not improve results and may cause serious adverse health effects. Discontinue use and contact a licensed healthcare professional immediately if you experience an unusually rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache, or shortness of breath. Keep out of reach of children.

Due to the variety of potent ingredients both temperature and light sensitive, gym bags, hot cars, constant temperature fluctuations can denature and change the consistency and potency of the product.  Keep this product stored in a cool dry, place away from light, at room temperature like at home on the kitchen counter.


List of the reviews:
5 1 5
I tried Gorilla Mind Rush, Wow! Great product for the right time.
I'm currently using 2 capsules of Gorilla Mind Smooth with great results!
Derek Does an Excellent job in explaining these Great products.
5 1 5
Smooth and Rush are excellent alone or together. After 20 years taking nootropics I can say the Gorilla Mind products are the top of the line. Granted, there are other fine products on the market, you won't get the milligram dosages of the ingredients in those such as are in Gorilla Mind. I take 2 Smooth in the morning to give me all the motivation energy, alertness, focus, concentration, recall, etc. I need for the day. Other times I will take 1 Smooth and 1 Rush together in the morning to put me into a good work mode and multitasking throughout the day. Also, other nootropics and supplements work well for me along with Gorilla Mind such as some Vinpocetine, Ginkgo, Piracetam, Lion's Mane, Magtein and Fish Oil. Nevertheless, take Gorilla Mind alone in the dosage that works for you and take care of that wonderful brain God gave you!
5 1 5
Get this, and never buy those "X-Hour Energy" drinks again.

I don't use the full dose, and I use this very intermittently, but when I use it the 1-2 capsules do exactly what the Gorilla Mind people promise they'll do. The effects are gone in 6 hours, and when they're gone you'll notice the difference, but it isn't a crash. The engine is still running, you just disengaged the turbo. I am shifting to more use before workouts and training sessions, as the benefits are very noticeable.

One note: nothing is free. The energy you feel comes from somewhere. It will need to be replenished with food, rest/sleep, effects of exercise, whatever. This isn't a viable long-term substitute for those things. What it is, is one hell of a complement so that *when* you're on, you're very on.

Similarly, if you're in that "almost-sick" state, you'd be better off leaving energy supplements alone. Don't try to "power through" unless you truly have no choice; that isn't a good time to run down your batteries. I made that mistake once, and paid for it,. Now, I'll take a supplement that draws on my internal energy to boost my immune system. Then I use Gorilla Dream to get the best rest I can.
5 1 5
I just re-ordered it. It is surprisingly effective; it's sort of like a mild version of ProVigil- which costs a fortune and requires a doctor's prescription.
The Smooth version does not make me wired-up at all, and there is no crash afterwards. I would recommend this to others.
5 1 5
I have been a consumer of supplements for most of my adult life. I fill my own capsules for many of the items I use on a daily basis. For the last couple of years, I have been a very satisfied customer of bulksupplements.com.

From time to time, I learn about nutraceuticals that are blends of ingredients and I try them. I have been hearing about Gorilla Mind Products (GMP) for some time now and finally found the web site from which I could order them and I did. I ordered Gorilla Mind Smooth and Gorilla Dream.

The benefits from the GMP I bought were pronounced, extended, and immediate. I shall be a repeat customer.

Many supplements note their effects may not be noticed for days or weeks. The GMP produced effects that were noticeable and strong, very beneficial and very welcomed. These products are like President Trump, they deliver what they promise.

Not only do the GMP deliver benefits, but they also seem to enhance and fortify the other supplements I use daily. I use turmeric and beet root powder to ameliorate inflammation and fatigue. Since I have been consuming the Gorilla Mind Smooth, I can fill my days with extended work activities without the pain and fatigue I used to suffer just earlier this year as I work on my nut and timber trees and do a little modest gardening.

When I want to wind down at the end of the day, I take Gorilla Dream. It truly does promote sleep without an accompanying drowsiness which I find remarkable. The relaxation and recovery are truly astounding without any sluggishness the next day.

The GMP I have tried are the most remarkable supplements I have ever consumed. I am 69 years old and have seen an improvement in my ability to work on my little farm with increased stamina and efficiency.
5 1 5
Delivers as described - Brain Force on steroids! I took advantage of the 4th of July sale and after a few days I ordered another bundle because I know they are going to be discontinued once the stock is extinguished. Very fast shipping, received just three days later. Take advantage NOW, you wont be disappointed. Makes you feel very focused, no anxiety, sharpened senses but not at all a 'drug-like feeling' more of a healthy supplement that is VERY effective. No noticeable 'come down' - absolutely performs. I really hope Mike decides to keep making this product. I would be a customer for life! I think I like Smooth the best. I may have to try the Dream now!
5 1 5
I cannot emphasize enough how much this product has helped me.

My mental endurance is at least double what it was before I found this. I can work my 9-5 and have plenty of gas left in the tank to work on my side business when I get home until bed. When I get to bed, I can fall asleep no problem, and if I need a nap in between, it has no effect whatsoever on my sleep, even in high doses.

Work goes by much faster and is much more enjoyable. As an introvert, I prefer that my coworkers leave me alone for non-work related things, but when I take this I feel like I have to fake interest in mundane stories a little bit less than I used to. If you have taken phenibut, the mood substance, I would say it is a similar effect to a lesser extent in that department. I am glad too because I avoid phenibut on working days because of the foggy brain effect. GM smooth gives a slight boost to mood, and massive boost to focus.

There is ZERO jitter feeling too. The first time I took it, 2pm rolled around and I was like, "wow, I've had a productive day, wonder why..." I had completely forgotten that I had even taken it! It wasnt until I looked over and saw the bottle in my bag that I remembered. It works very well without getting in the way by jacking you up.
5 1 5
This company makes great products so I figured this would improve focus at least a little, but I was blown away by other benefits.

The first time I took it, I took 3 in the morning and completely forgotten that I had taken them. You feel absolutely ZERO jitters. When 1pm rolled around, I thought it was 1130am, my work was less boring and therefore time went by quicker. I also felt like I had gotten more done than usual and just chalked it up to having a good day. It wasn't until I saw the bottle on my desk that I actually remembered what caused this increase in productivity.

Not only that, but my mood had increased as well. Being an introvert, I felt like I didn't have to fake being interested in mundane conversations with coworkers nearly as much. The effect I can describe is similar to phenibut, which I avoid on workdays and only use in social situations since it tends to make my brain slightly foggy, this did the opposite.

I take 3 in the morning, 2-3 in the afternoon and when I get home to work on my side business at 6pm, I still have plenty of gas in the tank. I went from drinking 4-5 cups of coffee/day to 1, if I need it. Again, there is no boost of energy you get, but I still get better productivity now with just the GM smooth. My sleep is much better now too replacing all of that caffeine with GM smooth. Great stuff.
5 1 5
Focus that actually works. I've been using these for days where I need to sit down for some hours at a stretch on deskwork or tasks around the house. The best way I can describe it is being in that state of 'flow' when you're really immersed in work, and also a feeling of not being phased by other distractions. I still get the thoughts reminded me I need to get things done elsewhere and give myself some moments to unfocus for a bit, but overall my concentration goes way up with these and would highly recommend them to just about anyone. I'm taking them at a slow and reduced rate because I'm concerned of developing a tolerance, but 1 or 2 capsules is plenty enough to get my work done usually.

Great product and would encourage anyone skeptical to give them a try.
took 3 caps upon waking, nothing much..…took another 3 pills and 2 hrs later…BOOM! god mode as I’m writing this, insane focus and productivity, complete an excel task in less than 2 hrs when normally it takes half a day. Thanks for such a great product!
5 1 5
This is my 3rd year trying nootropics and their effects on my body. After being in the Infantry for 4 years, 2 combat tours, and a year home in garrison I have experimented with lots of different products keying in on mental acuity, concentration, and mental stamina/energy. Nootropics, though has really blossomed in use and technology. So, I was skeptical trying Cernovich's product due to so many other well-researched formulas. My skepticism was brilliantly smashed. Instant results! I picked up my first bottle at Gorilla Mindset seminar. The ultimate test for me for any mentally boosting supplement, driving from Los Angeles back home to Apple Valley. Within 30 min after taking 3 capsules I could feel my senses sharpen. The attentiveness towards everything I was hearing, seeing, and feeling. The craziness of the road wasn't affecting me. It was a brilliant game of chess really. I could easily predict other drivers movements and NOT react with negative energy. Gorilla Mind Smooth doesn't give me the jitters, however, be careful about taking 3 capsules on an empty stomach. It could cause some nausea like it did for me. So, I take 2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach and then 15-20 min later I take a 3rd. Later in the afternoon taking 3 capsules at a time is no problem. For my body type and medical stasis that's what I have learned as to saying it has any negative side-effects. Taking a daily regiment has mentally kick started my days in ways I never thought possible. As a Disabled Combat Veteran who suffers from quite a few medical conditions, Gorilla Smooth has HELPED make my attitude better, the way I receive information and process it. It's not like I have to have this to be better. It catalyzed a process for me to see beyond, envision the future easier. You'll just have to try it to understand what I mean. Any type of edge that I can get in life I'll take it. It's not just this supplement but the whole discipline behind taking it. Changing my diet, my activity level, family interaction etc. If forced me into wanting my reality to change. I don't know how else to be more specific in this supplements aid in my life.
5 1 5
Just received my bottle of Smooth today. I took one capsule mid day and I could feel a bit of the fog lifting from my head. I was able to concentrate a bit better and remained pretty focused for the rest of the day. This was only 1 pill, I can't wait to see what the recommended dose does fro me tomorrow. Great product thus far!!
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