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Gorilla DreamREST • RELAX • DREAM Sleep & Dreams That You Will Remember Outside of the United States? You can now purchase from the Gorilla Mode Store! Gorilla Dream is the most potent and comprehensive sleep and recovery dietary supplement that you can buy. There is no substit ...Read more

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Gorilla Dream
Sleep & Dreams That You Will Remember

Outside of the United States? You can now purchase from the Gorilla Mode Store!

Gorilla Dream is the most potent and comprehensive sleep and recovery dietary supplement that you can buy.

There is no substitute for a great night’s sleep.

Poor sleep quality, or lack of sleep can severely hinder your mental sharpness, and have a majorly negative impact on your overall quality of life.

Brain fog, fatigue, poor memory, great difficulty focusing, low energy levels, plummeted motivation…

These are just some of the horrible negative ramifications a poor night’s sleep can have on someone.

Gorilla Dream DELIVERS.

It is not another stupid "ZMA" product that does nothing.

You will get the most recovery out of each minute of sleep. 

Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, experience more vivid dreams, and wake-up completely refreshed.

This is exactly what you can expect from Gorilla Dream.

Gorilla Dream features a potent sleep induction blend of ingredients that whisk you into a deep state of sleep, an effective agent that promotes incredibly lucid dreams, as well as a powerful recovery blend that supports the minimization of stress and the maximization of mind and body recuperation.


User experience and sleep cycles will vary, but you can generally expect - 

Within 15 minutes - you may feel your eyes get heavy. This is the GABA and Melatonin kicking in.

Within 30 minutes - you will want to lie down, your bed and pillow may feel extra comfortable!

After 30 minutes - you will fall asleep and stay asleep. Your REM sleep will be lucid and vivid and you will likely have a recollection the following morning of several dreams.

After 6 hours - the primary noticeable effects of Gorilla Dream will have largely worn off but you will remain asleep. You should not have a 'hangover' and feel sluggish the following morning.*

* This is dose-dependent, start with 1 to 3 capsules to evaluate effects and how you feel in the morning. If you have major problems sleeping, consider the maximum dose of 6 capsules. Ideally, like any sleep aid or dietary supplement, you should take the bare minimum to achieve wanted effects. Gorilla Dream is strong, it works - but we suggest that you take 1 to 3 capsules to evaluate effects. Gorilla Dream, any other Gorilla Mind product, is NOT a replacement for any prescription medication. Please speak to your physician prior to use.      


This product may cause drowsiness. Driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery while using this product is not recommended. Gorilla Dream is for use by healthy adults only, not for persons under 18 years of age. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing or have a pre-existing medical condition (especially any history of cardiovascular disease). Seek advice from a healthcare professional if you have any pre-existing medical condition to ensure it is safe to take this product. In case of accidental overdose contact a poison control center immediately. Avoid alcohol and prescription stimulants while taking this product. Exceeding the recommended serving size will not improve results and may cause serious adverse health effects. Discontinue use and contact a licensed healthcare professional immediately if you experience an unusually rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache, or shortness of breath.

Due to the variety of potent ingredients both temperature and light sensitive, gym bags, hot cars, constant temperature fluctuations can denature and change the consistency and potency of the product.  Keep this product stored in a cool dry, place away from light, at room temperature like at home on the kitchen counter.


List of the reviews:
5 1 5
Works very well. Pure melatonin by itself works to put me to sleep but leaves me a little groggy in the morning. With Gorilla Dream it contains just the right ingredients to help you fall asleep faster and then wake up smoothly. There are even some mornings where I wake up before my alarm, without any grogginess and ready to jump out of bed. It is that good get it.
5 1 5
After a few weeks of travel, it was tough to get back on schedule and sleep well. I took Gorilla Dream and rolling in bed for an hour with my mind racing. I quickly fell asleep and remained in a deep sleep all night. I finally feel adjusted back to normal schedule and ready to push through to the next level.
5 1 5
This is good stuff one thing I like is a lot of the ingredients in here would cost double this price in there own stand alone bottle. Gorilla mind dream is giving me all of these things together at a great price. New go to.
5 1 5
One never knows what to expect from a product. I'm skeptical by nature, so the bar was high. One word describes this product---"AMAZING." Literally, the best sleep I've since I was a kid. And, yeah, I actually do remember my dreams. Highly recommend this product if you are stressed and having difficulty sleeping.
5 1 5
I dislike prescription sleeping pills, so I've tried a number of sleep-related supplements that offer a gentler approach when I need it. Gorilla Dream is the best one I've found.

I went over the formulation, and it's clear that the team put a lot of thought into it. I usually take just 1-2 capsules, rather than the full dose of 3, and it delivers as advertised. Slightly more vivid dreams, easier to stay asleep, wake up feeling good instead of groggy. I have recommended it to others.
5 1 5
GM dream is quite the experience. I will not bore you with the details of all of the dreams I have had but I went from remembering my dreams for 5 mins in the morning, to now remembering them days and sometimes weeks later. This has been very interesting because every single dream has been completely related to some kind of problem that I am trying to solve that day or life in general.

In addition, as you would expect, this product will leave you feeling way more refreshed than a normal night sleep without it. I like how it doesnt knock you out though. The way I would describe it, is that it makes you feel as if you worked out extremely hard and are looking forward to resting. I used to have trouble falling asleep on my rest days but now it's not issue at all.
5 1 5
Amazing product & a great value. No brain fog, allows for vivid & pleasant dreams-even eliminates anxiety & depression. Ambien is way too powerful & leaves me in a brain fog all day. It felt like I at least was in a coma but dont feel ‘rested’. The other natural sleep aids I have tried just aren’t strong enough. If you have a high stress lifestyle with multiple kids & jobs - this product is a MUST HAVE!! I purchased two more bottles after I tried it for just two nights. Definitely noticeable results.
5 1 5
As someone who has been a trouble sleeper all of my life, Gorilla Dream is one of the only products I've ever tried that actually works. I've even tried Rx sleeping pills before without much success at improving my sleep quality.

Honestly, I wouldn't say Dream makes me fall asleep quicker which was my main hope. However, it does make me feel extremely relaxed before bed and I also sleep deeper and DEFINITELY dream more. Morning Glory is enhanced as well.

I also find that it helps me meditate in the evening, likely due to L-theanine. I think it would function well as an anti-stress/anti-anxiety supplement as well if it didn't have the melatonin.

Overall, I came to this site to leave my review and I'm likely going to buy another bottle or two while I am here. I think that's all that needs to be said.
5 1 5
Fantastic Sleep, No Hangover.

I was worried about the melatonin but it doesn't linger in the morning.

Great Sleep Aid. Well Worth the Money.
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