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Gorilla Mind RushINTENSE FOCUS · INSANE PRODUCTIVITY ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE CONCENTRATION FOR AN ENTIRE DAY(Start with just 1 or 2 capsules, Rush is very strong!) Outside of the United States? You can now purchase from the Gorilla Mode Store! Gorilla Mind Rush is unlike anything you've ever tried ...Read more

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Gorilla Mind Rush

(Start with just 1 or 2 capsules, Rush is very strong!)

Outside of the United States? You can now purchase from the Gorilla Mode Store!

Gorilla Mind Rush is unlike anything you've ever tried.

The motivation, drive and laser focus is absolutely unmatched.

The Gorilla Mind product began in late 2015 and took over 2 years to formulate, manufacture, personally test and get advanced analytics screening - but it has been worth the wait.

Gorilla Mind Rush is the most powerful cognitive enhancing dietary supplement that you can buy.

While Gorilla Mind Rush provides intense focus and massive concentration - it does not primarily rely on caffeine, guarana or any other "dirty" pre-workout or energy drink stimulants that will make you feel jittery or insane. 

Gorilla Mind Rush features a host of exotic cognitive-enhancing compounds that provide an intense sustainable focus without the jitters or mid-day crash.

This is a supplement that you will remember.

Gorilla Mind Rush will really impress you.

It took us just over 2 years to bring this to market - it was worth the wait.

You'll see.

What to Expect from Gorilla Mind Rush

User experience will vary and is dose-dependent, but this is what you can expect if you take Gorilla Mind Rush in the morning, on an empty stomach -

Within 15 minutes - You will notice that your state is starting to change, it may be subtle at first.

Within 30 minutes - You will notice that you are more focused, your thinking will be noticeably more clear, your energy levels will be slightly higher. Your motivation to be productive will increase.

At 1 hour - You will undoubtedly notice that you are far more focused and can better concentrate despite any distractions. Productivity will begin to exceed your baseline. Your energy levels will be up, but stabilize at 1 hour. You may notice a decrease in stress, anxiety coupled with a much higher attention span if multitasking. Appetite suppression will be noticeable as well.

After 90 minutes - Your focus, concentration, memory recall and retention will be far beyond your normal state. This state will fully last for another 5 or 6 hours. If this improvement in alertness isn't 100% obvious, consider taking an additional 1 to 3 capsules (maximum dose per 24-hours is 6 capsules). Significant appetite suppression will be obvious after 90 minutes as well.

After 6 hours - The effects of 3 capsules of Gorilla Mind Rush will very slowly wear off. You will feel absolutely no crash or coming down, unless you have consumed additional caffeine (or similar stimulants). 

This is one of the best things about Gorilla Mind - NO CRASH (no joke)

After 10-12 hours - You will return to your baseline state in cognitive ability and appetite. However, you probably WILL NOT feel physically or mentally fatigued. Gorilla Mind Rush lasts for 8-10 hours and has an extreme 'anti-fatigue' effect. This is why it is important to NOT take Gorilla Mind Rush close to bedtime or in the late afternoon unless you plan to be awake for the following 10 hours.

Gorilla Mind Rush vs. Gorilla Mind Smooth

Gorilla Mind Rush is our powerful, all-day focus, advanced stimulant formulation.

It is best to take Rush first-thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
(Avoid consuming your usual cup of coffee or additional caffeine, unless you evaluate tolerance)

"Rush" will have you ABSOLUTELY LOCKED IN all-day.

Gorilla Mind Rush is powerful and lasts for at least 8 hours. Do not take in the evening or near to bedtime if you do not want to jeopardize your sleep.

Alternatively, Gorilla Mind Smooth is our non-stimulant formulation when you need increased concentration - but do not need an energy boost or all-day focus.

It is best to rotate Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth and not take either for multiple consecutive days.

Use as directed and do not combine with additional caffeine or dietary supplements.

Further Insight on Gorilla Mind

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician prior to use. Start with 1 to 3 capsules and do not exceed the maximum dose (6) in any 24-hour period. 

WARNING For use by healthy adults only, not for persons under 18 years of age. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing or have a pre-existing medical condition (especially any history of cardiovascular disease). Seek advice from a healthcare professional if you have any pre-existing medical condition to ensure it is safe to take this product. In case of accidental overdose contact a poison control center immediately. Avoid alcohol and prescription stimulants while taking this product. Exceeding recommended serving will not improve results and may cause serious adverse health effects. Discontinue use and contact a licensed healthcare professional immediately if you experience an unusually rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache, or shortness of breath. Keep out of reach of children.

Due to the variety of potent ingredients both temperature and light sensitive, gym bags, hot cars, constant temperature fluctuations can denature and change the consistency and potency of the product.  Keep this product stored in a cool dry, place away from light, at room temperature like at home on the kitchen counter.


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